INBLOX Diag Repeater X4

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Item # 124060009 – INBLOX Diag Repeater – extension module X4
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The extension DP Diag Rep X4 is provided with four terminals and is able to open four segments in each case. It is simply connected to the head and is coupled with the backplane bus directly. It obviates the need of a separate voltage supply. Up to five extension modules can be connected to every head, whereby it is possible to create up to 25 segments (Basic Repeater) or 20 segments (E head) per network. The PROFIBUS can be converted from its original line topology to a star topology and spur lines designed without reservation. The applied LEDs ensures for a first simple diagnosis and monitoring. The diagnosis is also possible via the web surface, when its connected to the E-head.

• Voltage supply: 24 V with a backplane bus

• Power supply: 0,3 A with a backplane bus

• Connection: 4 screw terminals – OUT (assignment: shield/B/A/shield)

• Transmission rate: 9,6 kBit/s to 12 MBit/s