PROmesh Compact B8 Managed Switch

Item # 114110520PROmesh Compact B8 | Mini Managed Switch
    • Compact and slim design
    • PROFINET v2.4 certified
    • EtherNet/IP certified
    • Conformance Class B
    • PROFINET Netload Class II
    • GSDML file for PROFINET controller
    • EDS file for EtherNet IP Scanner

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Smallest and Most Powerful Managed Switch on the Market

The 8-port Compact managed switch includes an integrated web interface that makes configuration simple and convenient. The PROmesh B8 compact is much smaller than the PROmesh B8, but technically there is no difference between functions and performance. Additionally, the PROmesh B8 compact even has a memory card slot. The PROmesh B8 compact is a full-managed switch, like the PROmesh B8 reduced to the size of a unmanaged switch  – flat and slim, with simple DIN rail mounting, and optimized thermal properties save even more space in the control cabinet. It has UL, CSA, CE, UKCA approvals.

PROFINET certified
According to conformance class B & GSDML file

EtherNet/IP certified
With ESD file

Performance-oriented industrial switch technology
Ready for future-oriented demands on the increasing data volume in machine/hall networks that are becoming ever more complex

Integrated web interface
Full switch management, even without additional software