PROFtest II XL – Profibus Cable Tester

Item # 110010040 – PROFIBUS DP cable measuring tool with DP master function

    • The ideal measurement tool for commissioning operation, maintenance and service
    • A simple and handy tool for the verification of the correct wiring in PROFIBUS networks with RS 485 technology
    • Features simple handling and a clear text indicator on the display
    • The cable-test will be taken offline and shows the avoidable weak spot in meter distance on the display

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Measuring of PROFIBUS Cables Reliably

The cable tester PROFtest II XL checks the correct cable installation in PROFIBUS networks. The measuring tool indicates the real line length and detects cable breaks accurate to the meter. The cable test is carried out during offline operation and supports installers and maintenance staff during commissioning and service.

The cable test with PROFtest II XL is carried out in several steps on both ends of each line segment. All results can be stored in the tool. A report can be printed out via PC.

  • Function upgrade “DP master”
    Data of the connected I-O device (DP slave) can be displayed and adjusted without using a PLC

  • Function upgrade “Online mode”
    Total cycle time of the DP network, status analysis of the DP slaves, event triggering in the DP network, live list, level display of the individual DP slaves

PDF Data Sheet

PROFtest II 110010005 datasheet
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