PROFINET Diagnostic Duo

Item #124030020 – Profinet Diagnostic Duo – Topology & Diagnosis

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Teamwork of Diagnosis and Topology for PROFINET

The software PROscan®Active V2 works hand in hand with the PROFINET-INspektor® NT. The topology software provides a current 360 degree view of your system at any time including comprehensive information on nodes and connections like IP /MAC address, line depth, cable lengths, damping reserves etc. Additionally traffic light colours at every node display the health status. Basis for it is the logical telegram traffic, which is analysed and monitored permanently of the PROFINET-INspektor® NT. In case of abnormalities of the network load, data transmission speed, data throughput or telegram jitters, telegram repetitions, error telegrams, diagnoses and device failures the display turns into yellow or red status.


PDF Data Sheets

PN INspektor NTdatasheet
PROscan Active V2 datasheet