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PROmesh B28-R

  • PROFINET certified according to conformity class B and GSDML file
  • Ethernet/IP certified with the ESD file
  • 16x RJ45 / 8x Combo RJ45 / 8x SFP (upp till 1,0 gbps)
  • Integrated web interface

Industrial managed switches for high performance network communication.


Ethernet Switch PROmesh B28-R is designed for machine and system level communication and for 19-inch rack mounting. This switch is available with and without routing functionality.

P = Portar R = Rack L = Lager

PROFINET Certified
According to Conformance Class B and GSDML file

Ethernet/IP certified
With ESD file

Performance-oriented industrial switching technology
Ready for future-oriented demands of the increasing data volume in increasingly complex machine/hall networks

Integrated web interface
Full switch management – ​​even without additional software

PROmesh B28-RL Functions:

    • 16x RJ45 (upp till 1,0 gbps)
    • 8x Combo RJ45 (upp till 1,0 gbit / s)eller 8x SFP (upp till 1,0 gbps)
    • 4x SFP (upp till 1,0 gbps)

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