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Welcome to Scanautomatic monter A04:04, 9-11 Oktober

Lindh Automation kommer att finnas på plats tillsammans med Indu-Sol GmbH på Scanautomatic mässan i Göteborg 9-11 oktober, Monter A04:04. Vi kommer att visa upp Indu-Sols unika produkter.  Produkter som kan hjälpa dig att få bättre koll på dina industriella nät. Säkra, Monitorerna, Felsöka och Förebygga. Hitta fel i tid, en möjlighet att planera förebyggande underhåll och undvika stillestånd. Vi kommer att presentera följande pridukter.

  • PROmesh P9 
    The Indu-Sol PROFINET Switch PROmesh P9 is the first full PROFINET switch that is equipped for the increased performance requirements in the PROFINET and conforms to Conformance Class B as well as Netload Class III requirements. With its optimized shielding contacts in the RJ45 jacks and leakage current monitoring the PROFINET/Ethernet switch has a high EMC resistance required in the industrial environment.
  • PROmanage® NT
    The monitoring software PROmanage® NT provides timely warning when abnormalities appear. The early warning enables you to carry out maintenance in good time, thereby minimizing breakdowns and plant outages.
  • PROFINET Diagnostic Set
    The PROFINET Diagnostic Set prepares you for all tasks: all diagnostic tools in this set allow troubleshooting, regular service and certification of your PROFINET plant.
  • PROFINET DiagnosticDUO
    Unique in the market!
    For the first time, the status of the communication quality of every single device is displayed in a topology map. Diagnosis at a glance…with our PROFINET DiagnosticDUO. The package acts like a navigation system for your PROFINET installation and leads you targeted and quickly to all failure points of your system – for a reliable operation and a quick reaction in case of abnormalities. Due to the teamwork of the live topology and the diagnosis display the position of every PROFINET node is visible immediately and in addition the health status is displayed by traffic light colors.
  • EMCheck®
    EMCheck® LSMZ I
    Measuring and avoiding shield currentsEMCheck® MWMZ II
    Measuring the quality of equipotential bondingsEMCheck® ISMZ I
    Detecting parasitic currents intelligentlyEMV-INspektor® V2
    Fieldbus problems or EMC problems?Measuring Clamp Set EMCheck®
    All tools in one case to prove the EMC conformity
  • ASi Diagnostic Set
    All the essential AS-Interface diagnostic tools in one set
  • PROlinetest
    Detecting installation problems accurate to the meter
  • PB-Q ONE
    Measuring results within second
  • PROFtest II XL
    For reliable cable test in PROFIBUS networks.


Profinet diagnostic tools