PROmesh Managed Switches

PROmesh P-Series

Condition monitoring and network diagnosis

PROmesh B-Series

High-performance network communication

Condition Monitoring and Network Diagnosis with Intelligent Industrial Switches

PROmesh represents the first product series of high-performance “diagnostic industrial switches”. For the first time, the symbiosis of network performance, diagnostics and monitoring unites the demands of modern electro-construction and effective, predictive maintenance of automation and industrial plants. Discover the advantages of PROmesh!

  • Integrated network monitoring functions with notification
    Keep an eye on the status of your system or network section – seamlessly, traceable at all times
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
    Localise fault sources – without additional measuring devices or loss of time due to manual measuring efforts
  • Performance-oriented industrial switch technology
    Ready for future-oriented requirements for the increasing data volume in ever more complex machine/hall networks
  • Integrated web interface
    Enjoy full access to monitoring and diagnostic data – even without additional software