PROmesh B8 Compact Switch is Little Giant of the Control Cabinet

We are delighted and proud that our PROmesh B8 compact industrial switch has been nominated for the “Product of the Year 2024” award by the prestigious trade magazine Computer & Automation. We would like to explain why the PROmesh B8 compact deserves your vote.

B8 compact EN scaled

The PROmesh B8 compact is not just an industrial switch, but in many ways a useful product that is shaping the future of industrial networking.

Here are some of its features:

Compact design: measuring 100 x 50 x 60mm (HxWxD), the “peck” in the switch cabinet offers up to 80% space savings compared to commercially available managed switches with comparable performance. On the one hand, it creates space in every control cabinet, giving users the space they need for the professional installation of cables and other infrastructure components.

Outstanding performance: The PROmesh B8 compact scores with its performance parameters of maximum 100 Mbit/s transmission rate, 2 Mbit memory, 6.3 Gbit/s backplane capacity and 1.6 Mpps data throughput. The PROmesh B family switch thus creates resilient network communication and therefore high system availability, while keeping the control cabinet tidy.

Handling: It can be installed directly, e.g. in robot arms, in inking units of printing machines, in AGV autonomous transport systems or control cabinets in extensive systems and much more.

Reliability: The PROmesh B8 compact is designed for use in demanding industrial environments. It is robust and resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations, ensuring reliable network performance.

Security: With advanced security features such as VLAN support and data encryption, the PROmesh B8 compact offers a high level of protection for your networks.

Flexibility: This switch supports a wide range of applications and is ideal for connecting various devices and machines in industrial automation. Its flexibility allows companies to adapt and expand their networks as required.

An additional plus for the buyer: The storage medium (with the device configuration data) for quick device replacement is included in the purchase price, which means a considerable cost advantage over commercially available comparable products. The micro SD card automatically saves the last configuration status and can be easily transferred to the next device. This saves time and nerves.

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