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For preventative, condition-oriented maintenance of PROFINET networks Indu-Sol has developed a strategy for permanent network monitoring. It provides for condition monitoring with the goal of “warning before failure”.

PROFINET Diagnostic Set

PROFINET Diagnostic Set

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Diagnostic Duo Screen USE

Profinet Diagnostic Duo

Detecting cable problems to the meter

Profinet Inspektor NT USE


Intelligent measuring point

The concept of Permanent Network Monitoring provides for a continuous network analysis with a decentral, passive data collector, the PROFINET-INspektor® NT. Whenever preset threshold values are exceeded this event is stored together with a time stamp. The installation is between the controller and the first switch port. Each controller therefore requires an INspektor®. With PROmanage® NT all external INspektors® are integrated in the monitoring via the existing Ethernet network, and the network conditions are bundled centrally on a server. The network-specific events are pre-processed by the PROFINET-INspektor® NT and provided chronologically by the PROmanage® NT network monitoring software for further processing and evaluation.

PROmanage® NT enables the evaluation, analysis and long-term storage of condition data for your fieldbuses and other industrial networks. For this purpose PROmanage® NT retrieves the port statistics of manageable switches and the events of the decentral data collectors (INspektors®), evaluates them and displays them graphically.

This sophisticated method of analysis makes irregularities immediately apparent. When a value exceeds or falls below a configurable threshold value an alarm activates. The statistic function keeps data exact to the minute available up to one year. This means historical events can be opened up for viewing at any time for cause analysis, e.g. of sporadic failures.