Profibus Repeaters


The MULTIrep produces a voltage signal in two, five or seven directions (depending on the version) and raises the signals to the PROFIBUS standard level. The integrated diagnosis via LED provides a simplified troubleshooting in each segment.


MULTIrep X2 – iRepeater 2x

Compact PROFIBUS repeater for 2 segments


MULTIrep X5 – iRepeater 5x

PROFIBUS-Repeater/Hub-up to 5 segments


MULTIrep X7 – iRepeater 7x

PROFIBUS-Repeater/Hub-up to 7 segments

INBLOX Modular System for PROFIBUS

Indu-Sol provides with INBLOX® a modular solution geared to the customer’s needs the modular system for your PROFIBUS! The modular structure allows a variety of new requirements to the PROFIBUS network topology: clear displaying via LED, physical network diagnosis, remote access and permanent monitoring.

DP Diag Repeater X1

Inblox DP Diag Repeater X1

Module DP Diag Repeater X1 with sub-D connector

INBLOX Diag Repeater X2

INBLOX Diag Repeater X2

Module DP Diag Rep X2 with 2 sub-D connectors

INBLOX Diag Repeater X4

INBLOX Diag Repeater X4

Extension module DP Diag Rep X4 with 4 terminals

INBLOX Ethernet Head

INBLOX DP Head Module

Basic repeater with LED diagnosis for a star structure

INBLOX Alarm Module

Alarm Module Signal

With 4 terminals-capable of monitoring one INBLOX® module per terminal.

INBLOX Ethernet Head

INBLOX Ethernet Head Module

E-Head with web server function -Core of the smart INBLOX® series

DP Diag Master

Inblox DP Diag Master

DP Diag Master module for the PROFIBUS DP makes it possible to do FDT/DTM parameterization parallel to all analyses. 

The modular repeater INBLOX® combines the feature of signal refreshment of a usual repeater and an extended diagnosis via LED. The INBLOX® Repeater gains a clear structure of your PROFIBUS network: it builds segments in star structure, which are galvanically isolated from each other. Thus, a commissioning segment-by-segment or the replacing of single components can be made without affecting other segments. Errors can be located segment-related, because LEDs display the network status and health.

Besides displaying of the network health via LED the INBLOX® repeater monitors permanently the logical data traffic of PROFIBUS DP and PA. All data are shown clearly on a web interface. Depending on the module you are able to monitor and analyse the physical transmission quality with quality values in a bar diagram. Additional measuring tool for monitoring the fieldbus quality is not anymore necessary.