PROFIBUS Monitoring Tools

Keep your PROFIBUS Network up and running

Our INspektor® is your perfect partner to monitor permanently the logical data traffic inside your fieldbus. Predefined quality values are stored as an event by INspektor® and all events of the whole life cycle of a plant can be displayed by using the central, web-based software PROmanage®. With this network data and long-term statistics you have the ability to answer questions concerning ageing, wear and reserves against wear and thus you are able to determine metrological established service intervals

Profibus Inspektor USE


Monitors the logical data exchange

PROmanage NT

PROmanage NT

Network condition at a glance

With PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT you are well equipped to “reach retirement” with your PROFIBUS systems without any disturbances. The compact version combines all necessary functions for diagnosis, alarming and reading PROFIBUS data in a single device. This range of functions means that the PROFIBUS Inspektor® NT can also be used for mobile applications as well as for acceptance and service purposes.

The diagnosis device PROFIBUS-INspektor® NT records your PROFIBUS network with all active devices and visualizes them clearly using an embedded web interface. As a passive data collector, it monitors the logical data traffic and alerts you at the first signs of malfunction – not just when your PROFIBUS system has already failed.

Infrastructure-related bottlenecks, gradual deterioration due to component aging, or wear caused by the production environment lead to (initially invisible) impairment of your machine and system networks. The PROmanage® NT V2 network management software (NMS) warns of the first abnormalities at an early stage, permitting planned maintenance and minimising avoidable system failures.

PROmanage® NT V2 permits evaluation, analysis, and storage of condition data for your fieldbuses and industrial networks for the long term and combines them in a central overview. Let your networks work in peace and react only when you are informed about any abnormality that has occurred in future.