PROmesh P28-RL

Item # 114110110 – PROmesh P28-RL | Managed Ethernet Switch 
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The InduSol Ethernet Switch PROmesh P28-RL is designed for machine and system higher-level communication and for rack mounting 19 inch. With its 28 ports and a bandwidth of up to 10 GBit/s, this switch provides sufficient performance for a permanent and stable network operation for the multitude of different applications. This means that even short-term load peaks are handled effortlessly.

With the wide range of available functionalities, the switch can be specifically trimmed to the needs of the network. Thus, any kind of network concepts and structures such as VLAN, redundancy, routing and security can be implemented. This switch is available with and without routing functionality.

P = Ports

R = Rack

L = Layer

 PROFINET certified
according to conformance class B & GSDML file

EtherNet/IP certified
with ESD file

Performance-oriented industrial switch technology
Ready for future-oriented demands on the increasing data volume in machine/hall networks that are becoming more and more complex

Integrated web interface
full switch management – even without additional software

      • Routing
      • 16x RJ45 (up to 1.0 gbps)
      • 8x Combo RJ45 (up to 1.0 gbps)
      • or 8x SFP (up to 1.0 gbps)
      • 4x SFP+ (up to 10.0 gbps)