PROmesh P10+ | 10 Port Managed Switch

Item #114110203 – PROmesh P10 +| 10-Port PROFINET & EtherNet/IP Managed Switch with Leakage Current Monitoring


    • Online Cable Diagnostics – Easily detect data transmission and reception quality
    • High Performance Transmission rates up to 2.5 Gbit/s, Quality of service, 8 priority queues
    • EMC Monitoring – Leakage current, humidity, vibration, light
    • Performance Monitoring – Identify and analyze errors, data discards, eliminate network load bottlenecks, and manage bandwidth
    • Increased Network Securitythrough integrated firewall function

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Intelligent Network Monitoring for Profinet & Ethernet/IP

When installing PROFINET networks in machines and plants, connecting cables must be tested for proper function and to be certified. Until now this testing had to be accomplished in a separate procedure. The PROmesh P10 provides an alternative to this complex procedure for the first time.

The PROmesh P10 industrial switch, from the latest Gigabit switch generation, has an integrated cable diagnosis, which satisfies both the requirements of cable measurement and permanent, qualitative cable monitoring. Therefore, it is suitable for line testing during commissioning and during plant operation.

In short: Be able to make a well-founded statement about the “wear reserve” of the network at any time – without interrupting plant operation. With this knowledge maintenance measures become more predictable.

Online cable diagnostics (during operation)

Detect and rectify line-based defects at an early stage

Due to a sophisticated evaluation system of the transmission and reception parameters, the PROmesh P10 switch is able to provide clear statements about the current transmission quality and also about the state of the data lines. In order to visualize the physical abrasion of network cables, a quality value “Q-actual value” is permanently determined for each cable. This status value is compared to a “Q-setpoint value” that corresponds to the cable length. As a result, the line status per port can be determined.

The status of each data cable can be easily checked via the integrated web interface of the PROmesh P10. Thanks to the traffic light colour principle, it is possible to immediately detect when the value falls below the preset threshold value. Damaged cables can be replaced according to their condition during the next maintenance interval. All alarms can also be transmitted to a higher-level network monitoring system (via SNMP, PROFINET, email, relay).