PROmanage® NT V2- Monitoring software 40 ports

Item # 117000103 – PROmanage® NT V2- Monitoring software 40 ports | PROFIBUS and PROFINET – Network monitoring

    • Collection of data from all PROmanage switches in subordinate networks via PN inspector as gateway
    • Monitoring of user-defined IP devices and parameters via individual OIDs
    • Central firmware and configuration management of PROmesh switches
    • Display of port changes in the topology
    • Individual rule validation based on device topology
    • Available up to 2000 ports 

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Network Condition at a Glance – No Additional Hardware Required

Infrastructure-related bottlenecks, gradual deterioration due to component aging, or wear caused by the production environment lead to (initially invisible) impairment of your machine and system networks. The PROmanage® NT V2 network management software (NMS) warns of the first abnormalities at an early stage, permitting planned maintenance and minimizing avoidable system failures.

PROmanage® NT V2 permits evaluation, analysis, and storage of condition data for your fieldbuses and industrial networks for the long term and combines them into a central overview. Let your networks work in peace. Reaction is only needed as you are informed of any abnormality that can occur in future.

Comprehensive Application Options:

Flexible. Scalable. Expansible. PROmanage® NT V2 is a customizable software solution for OT network monitoring. Choose or switch between the different application and combination options:

  • Application without additional monitoring hardware (Ethernet-based networks only)
    Use PROmanage® NT V2 with your network’s pre-existing managed industrial switches and create a basic monitoring of your system network based on available network data for your managed switches. 

  • Application with INspektor® units (including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, CAN, ASi)
    Combine PROmanage® NT V2 with your INspektor® diagnostic tools. This combines the comprehensive analysis data from the INspektor® units into a central location, enabling monitoring of your networks across protocols.

  • Use with INspektor® units and managed switches (e.g. PROmesh series)
    Make the most of your monitoring solution: The INspektor® units and diagnostic features of the PROmesh switches together give you central access to your different fieldbus and Ethernet networks.
  • The right solution at the right time
    Customize your network monitoring solution to fit your needs. Combine our network monitoring products to match your system design. Have your requirements changed? That’s no problem at all. We will gladly support you with the adjustments you need, such as the merging of existing INspektor® units into PROmanage® NT V2.

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