MULTIrep X5 – iRepeater 5x

Item # 110030009 – MULTIrep X5 – iRepeater 5x | PROFIBUS DP 5-port repeater 
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Raising the signals to standard level

The MULTIrep produces a voltage signal in two, five or seven directions (depending on the version) and raises the signals to the PROFIBUS standard level. The integrated diagnosis via LED provides a simplified troubleshooting in each segment.


MULTIrep X5 Advantages

  • Basis for a stable PROFIBUS star structure
  • Enables stubs in PROFIBUS
  • Isolates sensitive or problematic areas
  • Expansions or shutdowns possible during running operation.
  • Errors affect only small parts of the network.

      • Voltage supply: 24 VDC ±20%

      • Power supply: 0,3 A

      • Connection: 2-7 x 9-poliger Sub-D

      • Baud rate: 9,6 kbps to 12 Mbps