MULTIrep X2 – iRepeater 2x

Item # 110030010 – MULTIrep X2 – iRepeater 2x – PROFIBUS DP 2-port repeater 
    • Basis for a stable PROFIBUS star structure
    • Enables stubs in PROFIBUS
    • Isolates sensitive or problematic areas
    • Expansions or shutdowns possible during running operation.
    • Errors affect only small parts of the network

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Raising the signals to standard level

The PROFIBUS Repeaters (MULTIrep X2, X5 and X7) not only meet all requirements for modern, flexible PROFIBUS cabling, but they also ensure the greatest possible stability of data communication with the integrated interference suppression function.

Thanks to the integrated diagnostics, a clearly visible status LED and automatic interference suppression, MULTIrep PROFIBUS repeaters allow easy and targeted troubleshooting.

The use of these repeaters enables the extension of a PROFIBUS network to a maximum of 126 stations as well as the extension of the speed-dependent cable length. A maximum of 32 stations (31 + repeater) are permitted per segment. The MULTIrep amplifies the voltage signal in two, five or seven directions and raises it to the PROFIBUS standard level. Physically, this results in up to seven segments which are galvanically isolated from each other.

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    MULTIrep Repeater