INBLOX Ethernet Head Module (E-head) with web server function

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Item # 124060000 – INBLOX Ethernet Head Module (E-head) with web server function
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The Ethernet head module is the basis of the smart version of the INBLOX® series.

In addition to its 24 V supply voltage connection it has got a LAN connection for the integrated web server. The head is the core of the smart INBLOX® series and can be extended to max. 20 segments and 10 Master systems by Diag Rep modules and Diag+ Rep modules.

An alarm module can be connected in place of a fifth ex- tension module. Event alarms are then given by switching contacts. The E-head is provided with an extended logic and alarms are shown on the web screen as known from the INspektor®.

For every exten- sion module a device matrix with certain colours for relevant events can be displayed and the alarms stored as snapshots (up to 100 per extension module).

The head has different options to alert the user in case of network deterioration. It is possible to send an e-mail, an SNMP trap or the INBLOX® can be integrated as PROmanage® NT.

    • Voltage supply: 24 VDC

    • Power supply: 0,3 A

    • Connection: screw terminal for 24 V voltage supply LAN-Connection for Web interface

    • Baud rate: 9,6 kbps to 12 Mbps

    • Ethernet:

       – Baud rate: 100 Mbps / 10 Mbps

       – Connection: RJ45

       – Protocols: IPv4 via DHCP or manual

       – Time server: NTP-time synchronizing