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What is Swiaf?

Sweden Industrial Automation Forum. Our goal is to create a new modern forum for Industrial Automation. According to our knowledge there is no forum today that covers all parts of an automation project. Why spend time trying to solve a problem that someone else already has a solution for? Forget about prestige and start to share your knowledge. We are stronger together and we can learn a lot from each other.
The forum is to contain a wide spectrum of topics covering everything from mechanical -Graphical design to programming and commissioning. The language spoken will be English to make it possible for all to understand.
Join the community today. Please note the forum rules, you can find them when registering.
Below you can find all main topics currently available. We understand that some topics might interfere with each other, but we think that it is a good starting point. Correct us if we are wrong or if you miss something.



Control System Programming

This topic covers PLC programming and configuration of hardware. Below this topic there are sub topics for specific brands. E.g. Siemens, Rockwell, Omron etc.


HMI, Scada and operator interface

This topic covers all HMI related discussions. Please note that there is a specific design topic for graphic and interactive design.


Industrial bus systems.

Industrial bus systems and networks.


Electrical design

Here you can find topics related to electrical design, e.g. Cad systems, regulations, best practice etc.


Motion control

Discussions related to motion control, different sub topics for different brands.


High level programming

This topic covers high level programming, e.g. C#, C++, .Net, PHP and connection to overlaying systems.



This topic will be all about IIOT and I4.0 related discussions. Also Cloud based computing and VPN connections.


Electrical installation

Installation related discussions, E.g. Tools, Best practice, Tips and Trix


Graphical and Intractive design

A topic that becomes more and more important. Here we will discuss Graphical and interactive design


Mechanical design

Cad systems, components etc. We need help to form this forum, please contact us if you have any ideas.


Troubble shooting and fault finding.

Discussions about troubleshooting and commissioning. Techniques, tools, Tips and Tricks.


Driva och starta företag

This is the only forum where we talk Swedish, it is all about starting and running a company in Sweden.

We need more Moderators!

We know that you  don’t have too much time to spend. Signing up as a moderator doesn’t mean spending X hours a month on this. Contact us if you want to become a moderator. Tell us what forum you are interested in and describe your background and knowledge. The goal is to keep the forum as clean as possible from commercial and only focus on the core automation discussions. For this to be possible we need to work together. Thank you for your contribution.

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