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There are always problems when you start a new business. As a new self-employed with long experience and high skills you have many ideas and opportunities. The problem is that you are constantly understaffed. Many requests coming in from different directions. Should I take on another job? This is a dilemma faced by all of us who have started a business in this industry. What to do, employ? One big thing for the small company.

Why not try to work together, why not try to get more profit?

That’s was my thoughts, when I came to the idea of starting the Lindh Automation Group. Why don’t we, very competent and enterprising small businesses cooperate more? By working together, we can benefit from our skills even more. Would you be interested in joining a group like Lindh Automation Group? The more we become, the more we will benefit from it.

//Mattias Lindh

Why join the Lindh Automation Group?



Framework agreement between members.

Completed framework agreements between all companies in the group that make it easy to exchange services.


Mediation of assignments

We will build up a web protal where you can find the right people for the job. by searching among all members.
Open assignments can be posted here.



The group can organize education for it’s members.


Exchange of knowledge

The group can meet a few times a year for a conference where to exchange knowledge and ideas. And also invite lecturers.


Framework agreement with customers

As a group, it’s easier to get good deals.



We have all different backgrounds and specialties. By collaborating, we can undertake bigger projects and assignments.


Better supplier deals.

Together we can negotiate better deals with suppliers and save money. Save between 20-50%


You are not alone

You always have someone to call to ask for advice.

Are you interested or do you have ideas?

As said, this is so far just an idea or vison. If enough people show interest we will continue to work on this. Otherwise, we’ll put it down and work on your own. Take a ponder on it all and let us know if you think this could be something for you and your business. There is no obligation what so ever if interest is shown. We need input from you to proceed. Hope you like our ideas.

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