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New Career at Lindh Automation?
Are you a driven person with vision?
Do you want to be a part of something new?

Lindh Automation is a new company that offers qualified services in the sector of Industrial Automation.
Most of all, we value the expertise of our employees. And we recognize that our employees have a desire to continually develop their professional skill sets.

At Lindh Automation, our employees are our biggest asset. To show our dedication, each new employee receives a personal account with money corresponding to one months salary. This money can be used freely by the employee for their own vocational development. And at the conclusion of each year we use a large portion of our profits to reinvest in our employees. This money is divided amongst the employees’ personal accounts, and it can be used to develop skills according to that employee’s specific needs. In this way, we guarantee that our employees are allowed the opportunity to grow, develop, and advance their Automation expertise.
Contact us, and we will tell you more about our unique model that ensures your continued development as an expert in the field of Industrial Automation.

Lindh Automation is a growing company with the ambition to be a comprehensive supplier of all Automation services. There is an ever increasing demand for our services, especially services regarding standardization and the development of company tailored standards. To meet this increased demand, we need more experts. We need YOUR skills.

As an employee of Lindh Automation, you will work in a positive and open corporate culture with short decision-making processes. It is an environment characterized by entrepreneurship and an elevated interest in technology. As the company is in a development phase, there are great opportunities for you as an employee to influence the creation of your workplace. You will have the responsibility and freedom to manage and plan your own workload.

Do you feel that you have not been allowed the opportunity to advance your skills?
Do you feel that there is a lot of empty talk concerning your own development, and from year to year nothing happens?
Do you feel that your company has forgotten you as a person?
I, Mattias Lindh, felt the same way as an employee. This experience gave me the vision and motivation to create something new. Contact me if you are interested in taking control of your career, and become a part of a new ‘company culture’ with a focus on its employees.

// Mattias Lindh.

Lindh Automation Searching for skilled:

Electrical designers

You are an Electrical designer with documented experience of designing Control panels, using Cad systems as Eplan8. You have experience in Industrial Control system and bus systems design. If needed You are not afraid of working on site with trouble shooting and fault finding. You can express yourself good in speech and writing. You want to constantly develop your skills and adopt to new technology. You are interested in helping companies to optimize their way of working by helping them to adopt new thinking and work in a standardized way.

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Automation Engineers.

You are an Automation Engineer with documented experience in Designing, Programming and commissioning PLC, SCADA and HMI Systems. It is good if you have experience of the Siemens TIA portal. You See the importance of working in a structured modular way. It’s a plus If you have experience of high level programming.
You like technology and wants to constantly develop your skills.
You can express  yourself good in speach and Writing.

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Contact us if you want to be part of something new.

If you are a self-employed and wants to become a member if our partner program Lindh Automation Group, contact us, we are open for all types of cooperation. The most important thing for us is that you feel good about your situation and that you can develop your personal skills.

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