Know your OT Network Strength 24/7

Machine networks have often been referred to as the aorta of industrial automation. As we prepare for digitalization and Industry 4.0, the stability and safety of our OT Networks is often assumed and rarely questioned. However, the constant evaluation of OT strength is critical in preparing and preventing future failures and interruptions. Therefore it is ever more important that data is collected, to record and assess network events, relationships and scenarios.

Our Condition Monitoring products meet the demands of your Ethernet network:

Profinet Inspektor NT


Intelligent measuring point for online analysis

Profibus Inspektor USE


Monitors the logical data exchange

EMV INspektor V2 EMC

EMV INspektor V2

Monitoring electromagnetic disturbances



PROmanage NT V2

The central monitoring software

The goal of machine operators and system operators using Ethernet-based networks like PROFINET is uninterrupted communication with real-time capability and high transfer rates – without interference. With a targeted approach we deliver solutions tailored to your specific needs. And as camera systems, scanners and smart sensors begin to be integrated into our factories, comprehensive data collection will be critical in optimizing the performance of your OT networks. Load peaks must be managed and bottle necks must be avoided at all times in order to prevent failures and stoppages.

With this in mind the network specialists of Indu-Sol developed an intuitive condition monitoring solution. With software PROmanage® NT V2 you can analyze, assess, and monitor the network, and therefor you will know the status of data communication around the clock – 24/7! This central monitoring software performs continuous queries of switches, WI_FI access points, and routers (e.g. via the standard SNMP) to collect data and statistics and then graphically illustrates them in typical traffic light colors. The integrated scanning function can map the network 1:1 and indicate the event spectrum with precise time stamps and connections. The anomalies can be recognized, documented, and then proactively removed in a precise manner for each alarm without the support of additional diagnosis hardware. 

This is accomplished through the intelligent functionality of passive data collection which acts as the “fitness tracker” of your OT Network. The PROFINET INspektor® NT is a local data collector that is installed in respective fieldbuses for integration of the existing systems with PROFIBUS, ASi and CAN. Data is queried proactively and cyclically via SNMP as well. The entirety of telegram traffic is analyzed, localizing errors and reporting when any pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

A local data collector is installed in the respective fieldbuses for integration of the existing systems with PROFIBUS, CAN, Asi. It is queried proactively and cyclically via SNMP as well. It analyses the entire telegram traffic, localises error sources, and reports when any pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

These solutions allow for logical and efficient implementation of a condition-oriented maintenance strategy. No longer will maintenance staffs use guesswork as a means of troubleshooting network anomalies. The result is a healthy and productive future for machine and system networks and the employees who operate them.