ASi Diagnostic Tools:

Analysis and Troubleshooting of Asi Networks

The ASi View is a mobile diagnostic device for your ASi network. You can “snap on” the line very easily and obtain the current bus status with just one click. With the ASi View you can analyze both physical parameters and logical telegram traffic under running production conditions.


Asi Diagnostic Set

ASi Diagnostic Set

ASi View

  • Fast and simple ASi system analysis

Measuring point ASiMA IP67

  • Online access to your ASi network

ASi plug

  • Doubling of the ASi line length

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ASi View

ASi View - Tester

  • Immediately ready for operation 
  • No separate power supply required
  • Physical evaluation with bar chart
  • Depth analysis with oscilloscope function
  • Analysis of telegram traffic
  • Bus status with one click
  • Contacting with a “notch”

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